Movie Marathon Fever (2)



Korean Drama/ Comedy starring Lee Min Ho and  Son Ye Jin.  It’s a love story with a twist, Lee Min Ho is an architect while Son Ye Jin is a furniture designer. Son Ye Jin is the only daughter of the famous architect professor in Korea. At first Lee Min Ho’s goal is to enter the sanggojae(house of Son Ye Jin), because the Art Director wants a design like in Sanggojae. Besides, it is the house of the famous professor. As the story goes, he found the blueprint for the Art Museum, but he doesn’t know what to do because he already  has a feeling for Son Ye Jin.  Son Ye Jin finally knew that the reason why Lee Min Ho wants to enter Sanggojae is because of the blueprint.

I can’t say much details, so (YOU) readers will be thrilled to watch this. hehe

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2 Responses to Movie Marathon Fever (2)

  1. Tenzin Chogsel Zam says:

    hi big fan of yours,,,,, Luv u both and i watched luv stoty series

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