Japan and the Japanese people needs our Support. The disaster has scattered people from the northeast around the country, as those who have lost homes have moved away.

Others have arrived in evacuation centres.People come and go from time to time; some have come back home because they are tired of living as evacuees, some have returned to work. Every reason is different, but people are returning. One big difficulty is that moving and searching through the debris takes a lot of time because there are not enough people to help.

The need is high and the supply is low. Health care, shelter, food supply and security. People’s lives were changed in a flash. But I believe striving forward is part of human nature. We should make every effort to rebuild their homeland.

Let us support the Red Cross disaster response in Japan by Getting involve. contact your National Society:

The Philippine Red Cross
Bonifacio Drive
Port Area
PO Box 280
Manila 2803

Tel: (63) (2) 527 0856

To find out more how to help go to www. ifrc.org/japan  (click the link)


credits for photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ifrc/sets/72157626249200890/show/

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