The Global Fund:Together we Can do Great Things

The Global Fund is an organization to Fight Tuberculosis, Malaria, and AIDS.

Ask yourself what do you need to live? Food? Family? A job?A home? Love? But without Health NONE of these are enough. It’s one thing we have in common. Around the world AIDS,tuberculosis, and malaria kill millions of people each year. But fighting against these diseases isn’t impossible.

The Global Fund was created to save lives. Since it was founded in 2002, it has changed the way world is working to defeat AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. In this short film some of the Global Funds closest friends and best-known advocates talk about the way the Global Fund works, achievements thus far, and the prospect for a world where AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria can be overcome.

The Global Fund is an international financing institution that invests the world’s money to save lives. To date, it has committed US$ 21.7 billion in 150 countries to support large-scale prevention, treatment and care programs against the three diseases. Over 6.5 Million lives saved through the Global Fund supported programs.Plus over 3 million people on AIDS treatment,7.7 million people on anti TUBERCULOSIS treatment, and 160 million insecticide-treated nets distributed for MALARIA prevention.

Over the last 10 years, the Global Fund has proven itself to be an efficient and cost-effective mechanism for strengthening the world’s response to the three diseases.

We all have the power to HELP! Together WE CAN DO GREAT THINGS! 

To know more about the Global Fund click HERE

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