Like Green!

I know Environment Day is over, but we can make Environment Day everyday! Living here on earth for a long time is worth for us to give back to our mainland. We should always remember that we are just stewards of the Earth we don’t own it and we can’t buy it! One of the best way for us to give back in our daily life is to RECYCLE. It’s a good answer for a better waste Management disposal.

What objects are Recyclable Materials. newspapers, empty bottles, plastics, metals, aluminum cans, etc. there are a lot of things to recycle.

Papers that we use everyday are from trees. Trees are not only to give beauty for our world, they also clean the air of carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas. Recycle good papers to save more trees.

Aluminum cans  just one can of aluminum can save the energy it takes to run a TV for 3 hours. How cool is that?

Glass Bottle can also saves energy. recycling one bottle can power a computer for 25 minutes.

Rechargeable Batteries or Batteries can also be recycled to reclaim valuable compounds and  keep toxins out of the environment. Today, some malls are placing a drop box where you can give your unused rechargeable batteries(for cellphones, cameras, and other electronic devices).

Nowadays, we live in a techno-driven society. Everywhere we go. As far as this the electronic waste is growing every minute approximately three times the rate of other municipal waste. Good thing, we have eCycling where we can recycle electronic products and divert them into a landfill.

However, recycling rates are in decline. Based on a survey 70% are not into recycling things while 30 % are into recycling.  So, whenever we drink a water in a plastic bottle. Let us start recycling our plastic drink bottles and other household containers. By recycling billions and maybe tons of plastics we can save enough energy.

The most important aspect of recycling is participation. In our community we can participate in such activities like this. In other countries, they manage a Single-Stream Recycling which allows customers to conveniently commingle their recyclable paper, plastics, metals and glass in one bin.


Together we can make the world a greener place. A better place to live with. No excuses, everyone of us should do our part and recycle. Get Involve!

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