Save the Whales Save the Oceans!

I’ve always been a fan of whales. I like watching National Geographic Channel or Animal Planet that features Whales, Dolphins, Sharks. And it breaks my heart to see  about the whaling, destroying their habitats and making high intensity man-made underwater deadly sounds that are dangerous to them and  might kill them.

Dolphins are really friendly as I’ve once hold, touch, and play with them. I don’t get the reason why people bother in killing and disturbing the wonderful sea creatures in the ocean. I mean, what do they get from doing that?

(For better understanding of others, the high intensity man-made underwater deadly sounds are virulent alarming to dolphins, whales, fish, and other marine life.) The use of high-intensity sonar, explosive devices, and other intense noise sources pose both lethal and sub-lethal threats to cetaceans.

Although, despite the worldwide campaign in saving the whales, there are some fisherman from all over the world who kills whales, dolphins to make their own profit. Like countries in Japan, Norway, and Iceland are going to kill 25,000 dolphins, whales, and porpoises this year and selling its meat for their own lucre. I’ve seen many documentaries and program about Whales, but one documentary film that really get stuck in my head is when I watch how Japan bump off and hunt for thousands of whales and kill them for the aim of scientific information, as what they’ve said. But it was shown that the fluke of whales ending up in the fish shops in Tokyo would lead some to pass judgement that there were perhaps at least some other motives than just scientific enlightenment.

On the other hand, maybe these are their ways to earn some money. However, that is not the point,because the fact that they will be able to gain increment, the consequence of that is they will destruct and vanish the lives of whales.

Many people are oppose to whaling and using deadly sounds for the whales and dolphins thus, the Government must make necessary actions about it. So, when I heard about the “Save the Whales Again!“campaign I’ve decided to share my thoughts and experience about it.

“It’s Time to save the Whales NOW, Before it’s too late”

Click here to know more how to help save the whales:



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