Mangiamo Italian !

Saturday, another busy day for me, everything is planned for that day: Go to Grocery, Cook 2 course lunch meal, and go to Poetry Rehearsal, and lastly Poetry Reading at night.ans I  must be on time on every commitment that I have.

10:30 am– went to the Supermarket with my brother spend just 30 minutes.

11:30 am- I arrived at home, and need to fix the equipment I will use before I cooking.

12:00 am-I started cooking

Sadly, I finished cooking lunch 1pm, I cooked 2 course meal only: Appetizer (olive oil with vinaigrette and grated mozzarella cheese) and Main Dish (Pollo Penne Casserole) .

 (olive oil with vinaigrette and grated mozzarella cheese)

I must say the moisture and texture of bread mix with the dip.

(Pollo Penne Casserole) or Chicken Penne Casserole

It was pretty amazing because it’s my 3rd time to cook pasta penne and they said the third time is the best! among the two before. Its so easy to make and yummy in taste. 🙂

Bon appetit!

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