Travel with First Class-RIMOWA

As a traveler we always want that our things are secure and make the things inside the luggage light so it will not be heavy and easy to carry. As years pass by, innovators are creating a combination of strong sense of tradition and being innovative,something to make people’s life adaptable. I’m not the kind of person who has a lot of luggage, it’s because I believe that entrusting our money for a good quality, resilient, and fancy luggage is something worth it. That’s why I choose RIMOWA!

RIMOWA luggage where quality meats high-tech fidelity to produce elegant travel cases. RIMOWA starts in 1898 when Paul Morszeck opened a factory in Cologne to produce high quality suitcase. The first little luggage were made of wood and leather but even then he began to experiment lightweight construction and ever since each piece of luggage produce by The Morszeck Family has been as lightweight as possible.

Paul Morszeck ‘s son created RIMOWA brand name derived from RIchard MOeszeck and WArenzeichen(meaning “trademark”). RIMOWA has aligned itself with other style leaders.

(TRIVIA: In 1999, Porsche has offered RIMOWA luggage colors to match its vehicles.)

RIMOWA cases are abrasion-proof,  and capable of standing the toughest demands. It is also UV-resistant and resistant to temperatures.  RIMOWA has lots of sumptuous styles of luggage but here are some of my favorites and the likes.




RIMOWA ‘s cases are manufactured at four plants they have in Germany, Canada, Brazil, and The Czech Republic. One luggage or each cases comprises more than 200 individual parts that must be out together in more than 90 processes to be able to have 1 case. In 2000, RIMOWA changed the luggage market and became the first company to introduce Polycarbonate (Polycarbonate means it is drastically lightweight and extremely robust)cases and using a material which is lighter than aluminium. which is widely used in Aviation Industry.

SALSA DELUXE HYBIRD– dubbed as “The next generation of soft-side luggage”

Salsa Deluxe Hybird series are equipped with the patented Multiwheel system and a combination lock with ABUS TSA cylinder. The Flexible divider keeps the contents in perfect order and shape. the zippers on the front are convenient pockets designed with frequent travelers. Magazine, plane ticket, passport, and any documents are within reach.

Forget the heavy trunk of luggage, get the light and easy carry RIMOWA luggage!



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