Wishlist for Christmas.

Christmas is just around the corner. I can’t believe it’s exactly 18 days before Christmas Day! What do you guys want for Christmas?  Well, I’m starting to gather some of the things I hanker for myself and things I can use over the holiday. Though if someone would be kind enough to send me any of these, that’d be AWE-SOME(haha!)

Since it’ll be 2012 next year I will have my TOP 12 Wishes:


Every teenager analogous to me, crave to have her own Prada bag than borrowing from our moms’, right? We can’t even afford a brand new Prada bag with all our allowances. And I think this bag is affable and cool as well. You see, we can put on this bag in any occasion like meetings, hang out, party, and even in school.

I always dreamt to have a Giuseppe Booties. But this one’s really good! I first saw this Guiseppe Zanot Leopard Wedge Booties in Ashley Tisdale(one of my fashion enthusiasm, BTW) when she went on a Premiere night she was totally rocking the red carpet!

I don’t have any hat in my entire life, I swear! I only have a baseball cap and a Basketball cap. I akin this Fedora hat in gray I was inspired by the European people who wear hats, but of course their hats are exorbitant and by famous designers like the hats of The Dutchess of Cambridge Catherine Elizabeth Middleton Louis.  How I love her fashion sense. She outdoes her style every time. If the Hat FITS, WEAR IT!



Shopping Spree at Forever 21 and Topshop. We all thirst for commendable clothes, dresses, shoes and accessories. Forever 21 and Topshop are two of my favorite shopping boutiques, I love it that they have four seasons of really marvelous clothes for teens and girls that you can choose from. Whenever I’m in any of their shops I feel like not going out and buying all the stuff but of course, we have to manage and budget our money. So, F21 & TopShop I’m knocking on your doors I want a $500 worth of shopping spree. That would be copacetic, isn’t it? lol

Christian Louboutin … one of my beloved shoe brand. It’s durable, and extremely adorn. If I would be given the chance to have this I will absolutely GRAB IT!  Due to my obsession with this case, I really search somehow like this for my school shoes. But it would be nicer if I’m wearing a Louboutin!!!



If some people longer to hold out super stiletto all the time, go on. haha! I usually get on stilettos at school but that of course is an exemption because we don’t have a choice. I like to clothe myself a stiletto if it’s only a Mary Jane Pumps like my fifth wish above. Wedge pumps are my most revered, considering that it’s not that enfeebles to wear cause you know that when you step it have a full platform unlike stilettos. Wedge or Stiletto I like them both! ♥



Another Louboutin … but this time it’s boots. A leather boots to be exact. I imagine myself wrapping this booties-dress, trench coat, and Louboutin Boots= Perfect! Boots are one of my shoulders when travelling for the mentality that it’s flat and tranquil, your foot will not easily catch cold because it’s long and at the same time its vogue.



It’s always a diversion to have a RIMOWA Salsa Air luggage. I’m dying for it… Who would not desire a luggage that’s competently and cinch of your things in a lighter weight.


We all love taking pictures whether sightseeing or just ourselves that’s why I eager to have a brand new Camera because my old one gets easily going off (probably the battery has a problem.) It’s good to take lots of memories.



Cold Breeze… Snow, Spring, Autumn, Summer. Whatever season it is Trench coat are must haves in every closet! Ask Tim Gunn. I have one trench coat and it’s from my mom, I amour it but it’s always good to have a new one. Trench Coat has so many uses.





I’ve constantly wanted to read this book entitled: Matched by Ally Condie. Based on the synopsis, it’s related to teenagers or any people who are watched by the Society, Trapped by Rules, and Freed by love, interesting isn’t it? However, I can’t find this book in any bookstore. I don’t know if it’s recent or too old to be seen.




Aeons ago I was young, I have a longing eyes for Juicy Couture. Their fetish watches, bags, and sweatpants / jackets are luring me. Juicy Couture boutiques are exceptional. Comely, this one is for my puppy (daffie).





It’s a boots again for the Bonus! I would pensive to own another DM’s. Mainly because it’s convenient to put off, easy to mix match clothes and it goes in any occasions or casual days. Even lazy days are possible..





AS what you’ve noticed most of my wishes are shoes, bags, clothes,books, and etc.  Basically, the generalization why I demand this is. I can use it whenever I travel, specially the RIMOWA Salsa Air luggage in which all of us would like to possess because it’s not heavy to carry like any other luggage. Second, I postulate that good shoes takes you to good places and that gratifying shoes are investments that you can have for the rest of your life. Same goes with the clothes , books and the likes.

I hope you guys like Christmas Bucket list! What do you want for Christmas?


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