Movie A-List

I am a prodigious fan of this movie since the G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra and to tell you, I’ve seen this movie thrice in my life, can you rebuke me? I absolutely can tell you what happened with embellishment. Haha! Part 1 it was all about saving the people contrary to the nanotechnology created by McCullen that can destroy the urban people, the brotherhood of the soldiers, love, and friends.

By all means, enthusiast of G.I. Joe (including me)and Cobra’s loves to see  Duke” back in action also the transpiration  between Duke  and” The Baroness” Ana Lewis, Ripcord ,and Snake Eyes. They also reckon some spice Dwayne Johnson is back into action and will play as the “Roadblock“. As well as, Jinx a new character to watch out for.

It really took them long like 2 years… and I can’t wait, for it to be released on June 29, 2012 Next year! But for now, just hold on to your horses and let’s have a look of the G.I. JOE:RETALIATION EXCLUSIVE Premiere Trailer



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2 Responses to Movie A-List

  1. Tom Baker says:

    Great minds think alike I see. I just posted this trailer as well. You have a very nice site Monique.

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