What I Did Yesterday

Disclaimer: This blog entry was supposed to be published yesterday but forasmuch I did lots of things I forgot to publish it. Presumably, the title  is “What I did Today”.

It was a bright Saturday, woke up 8AM to eat my breakfast. I just had Cereals with Strawberries and milk on it.

Then I went to Nail-A-Holics to get my nails done. Planning to go around the mall but since I have to pick up my brother before 12, I can’t. I don’t want us to be late for our lunch date. (Sweet!)

Also, we don’t have the car with us, and it only means we have to commute and ride a public bus. Man! It was so bad! Almost all buses are full of passengers and we don’t have any embarras de choix but to ride a bus with crowded standing people. Shout out to the guy who let me sit in, Thank you very much! Anyways, it was very congregated and I felt like suffocated because I was seated in the back seat.And I can’t help it. While I was seated and breathing for some air there’s always one thing in my mind~ Can’t wait to get down, SERIOUSLY.

Whew! Depart from the killer bus already and gasp some air.Nevertheless, nay mind about the bus. This day must be wonderful, Let’s do this! You see, I set this day for my brother’s Pre-Birthday Celebration which is also my early Birthday/Christmas gift to him. His birthday is around the corner, 3 days before the Christmas Day.

There was a lot of restaurants forthcoming to my mind but since it’s my Brother’s Pre-celeb. I let him glean which one he likes and end up choosing at Army Navy Burger+Burrito. 

While waiting for our order we saw their Mission~

After a couple of minutes …..Wolla!

No FORKS needed, Eat with your HANDS!

Young Jc had he’s favorite Bully Boy Burger. Who would have known that he has a big appetite for a Triple-quarter pound beef patties topped with fresh crispy lettuce, tomato slice & onions, mayo & ketchup on toasted sesame seed kaiser bun?

To see is what you get!

Starving Sailor is for mine. Oh yes! It was huge and a bit long.

My second piquant actually, forgot to take a picture! haha!


And the most ambrosial  fries I’ve ever tasted yet, Freedom Fries!!

Here are other photos–So Hyped!


JC’s already finished with his BBB. While I’m still in devour of my Starving Sailor.

Fooling around each other.. HAHA!

Thank you Army Navy! Keep it up, NOW THAT’S AN ORDER!

Eventually,After a bounty and superb lunch, we jaunt around the mall for a bit bought some gifts and decided to went home. I’m happy that I made my brother happy! Can’r wait to celebrate his Birthday!


That’s all, folks!:) It was an overall fabulous day – looking forward to the next one ❤


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