LINsanity: Jeremy Lin

I’m a huge  fan of Basketball and it’s seldom that a player can impress me( Look who’s talking!). I like players who’er not only players but team players as well. And when outside of the court, jives out with his team mates. Like lebron James and Dwayne Wade they usually hang out in and out of the court.

Last week, the most awaited collaboration of players from different teams have come to an end,the NBA- All Star Weekend was held in Orlando, Florida. It was soo nice to see the crowd clam for each player. WEST and EAST coast. On the other hand, Lately, Basketball networks are always talking about Jeremy Lin, Linsanity, New York knicks.. and etc. Who is Jeremy Lin? then, I begun to google and watch him play. MAAN! I think he’s an incredible player. 

Jeremy Shu-How Lin is one of the few Asian Americans in NBA history, and the first American player in the league to be of Chinese or Taiwanese descent. Lin is an evangelical Christian who was a leader in Harvard’s Asian American Christian Fellowship during his time there.He hopes to become a pastor who can head up non-profit organizations, either home or abroad.Graduated from Harvard in 2010 with a degree in Economics and a 3.1 grade-point average.

The Global Phenomenal Lin had some rock moments too. He send his resume’s and video to Ivy League schools,University of California, Berkeley, and his dream schools Stanford and University of California, Los Angeles(UCLA). But ,After failing to receive any athletic scholarship offers, Lin attended Harvard. In his senior year, ESPN picked Lin among the 12 most versatile players in college basketball.

Lin finished his career as the first player in the history of the Ivy League to record at least 1,450 points (1,483), 450 rebounds (487), 400 assists (406) and 200 steals (225). After graduating from Harvard, Lin went un-drafted in the 2010 NBA Draft.

Ivy League  is an athletic conference comprising eight private institutions of higher education in theNorth eastern United States. The eight institutions are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.

Lin received offers to sign from the MavericksLos Angeles Lakers, In addition to the original three teams, the Golden State Warriors also offered Lin a contract. Lin  signed a two-year deal with his hometown Warriors.

But during the NBA Lockout, Lin got his left knee injured but soon recovered from patellar ligament injury.When the Lockout was lifted Houston Rockets offered a contract to Lin and it was not too long when the New York knicks traded some of their players for Jeremy Lin. 

Jeremy Lin, a Harvard grad, and Knicks teammate Landry Fields, a Stanford man, geek out before games with a handshake ritual.

It may look weird at first, but come to realize that they did this to glorify the Lord.

The basket so amazed the Lakers, watching on TV, that veteran player Metta World Peace ran by reporters shouting “Linsanity! Linsanity!” and waving his hands above his head.

Here’s JLin Top 10 plays

Also, 5th time MVP Kobe Bryant made some statement of Jeremy Lin.

Players playing that well don’t usually come out of nowhere. It seems like they come out of nowhere, but if you can go back and take a look, his skill level was probably there from the beginning. It probably just went unnoticed.

                                                                          —Kobe Bryant
The excitement Lin has caused in Madison Square Garden, man, I hadn’t seen that in a long time.”
                                                                                –Magic Johnson
I agree with Kobe because because like Jeremy Lin said ” in order for someone to understand my game, they have to watch me more than once, because I’m not going to do anything that’s extra flashy or freakishly athletic” 
He also made the cover of Time in Asia; Forbes wrote, “Congratulations Jeremy. You have now made the cover of Time the same number of times as Michael Jordan. Linsanity reigns on.”
So, the New York Knicks quickly began selling replicas of Lin’s No. 17 jerseys and t-shirts, and the sales and traffic for its online store increased more than 3,000%. Both Nike and Adidas introduced Lin-related athletic apparel. And I can’t wait to have one!
Within three weeks of his first game as a starter, at least seven e-books were being published on Lin, and the Global Language Monitor declared that Linsanity had met its criteria to be considered an English-language word.
I’ve surrendered that to God. I’m not in a battle with what everybody else thinks anymore,”
                                                                                – Jeremy Lin 
 Truly, Jeremy Lin is the next big thing. But what I like about him is he praised God more than anything. He is so devoted to God and to his work. He never QUIT, he prove to everyone that he can make a difference.Before people usually play him as an underdog, but look who’s claiming the spot now. Now that’s LINCredible!
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