“Like A can of Sardines”

Yesterday was A CRAZY, SWEATY, TIRING, but FUNNN Day! My teammates and me went to places to shoot for our advocacy project which is all about Education. And I was so excited before that day to shoot it, because I made the script and I get to be the Director! Yeah! Script Writer and Director exciting, isn’t it? So, at first we we’re brainstorming onto where to shoot the first scene. Some suggested in Payatas, Karuhatan.– but ended up going to Quiapo. I was not the leader of the group, everyone can be the leader and can suggest what they desire. We fixed the meeting time which is 7am at 7-11 Store. Everyone arrived 15 minutes late (Filipino time). Nevertheless, it was just the 4 out of 9 members who went in the meeting place. Surely, some of them are irregular students which cause conflict schedules and some of them have things to attend to. No ifs and or buts, we can’t wait and set another day for them to be in the film. And here we go…  We arrived at the LRTA station already in Monumento and I was not stupefy that there would be no people cause it’s rush hour. The first train already arrived, and the netizens  are really in a hustle act wanting to get inside the train. Pushing is very much seen. Some adult girls are yelling at the security. Barring on my mind, there is only one security in a station and he can’t even control the crowd not to step on the red lane. He, himself is bellowing at the people. Should he expect that the people would follow him if he’s shouting at them? Definitely, Not!  (In most Train Station, security personnel do not allow people to step into that red lane. Mainly because they might fall off the rail way or might be pushed by the people. FYI ) As we wait for the second train to arrive, still the crowd has not gone off. A lady was making a scene and saying that she’ll fall anytime if people will not back off a bit. Seeing from a far behind, where me and my friends stood at( because do not want to compressed ourselves to those people).  The array of people didn’t move and or listen to the woman. At last! the train arrived, and the multitude of people were all over the train again wanting all of them to get in. And the girl yelling awhile is still yelling like ” Umurong kayo!” in English it means  “Move, People! ” then the security guard said ” Wag ka nang sumigaw nakapasok ka na!” in English ” Don’t shout anymore, you’re already inside the train” . Seeing them now much nearer, My Goodness!  the first and second train doesn’t have any aberration it’s like a Can of Sardines without any sauce just pure sardines! Seriously! On the other hand, Me and Friends were expecting that the 3rd train will also be sneaky of stuffed people, it was 8am by that time.And yes, we were absolutely RIGHT! Like a Pork and Beans, now! LOL. So as much as we want to stay longer and wait for a little fewer people in another train, we’ve decided to ride on the 3rd train because our time is our worst enemy. “Must know how to push.” Brace your self Monique! Me and my friends held hands and push ourselves to get in the train. Though their hands slip off and I was pushed back. And I was looking outside the train and two of my friends where still not in the train. Thank Goodness! They were able to push along themselves. Inside the Train. It was my first time to encounter that much crowd compressed and leaning each other. It wasn’t like a California King bed but It was Chest to Chest, Hair to Hair, and Body to Body scenario. I was holding on the barrel of the train and it was so congested that I almost couldn’t breath. What’s annoying is when the train will stop there is a pressure, and people and you will be pushed. Another is when the train arrived at its next station and people will get in, knowing that people are coagulated. People at the back will be pushed so hard( Yup, I feel you, I’m one of those). To be in Quiapo, from Monumento we will en route in Carriedo Station. Carriedo is the 9th station from Monumento. Infinitely, I can’t even imagine my self standing still , holding in the barrel, body is pressed, and my other hand hardly can’t be moved. LRTA has an aircon but it’s not very enough for the daily passenger in the train. Finally, I hear the captain of the Train ” Carriedo Station, Carriedo Station” And I was like… YES!! Going is super tight hard what now when going out of the train? Nonetheless, what important is we’re alive and we get off the train now. Since me and my friends were scattered in the train, we started to tattled about the life inside the train. My friend Tinsaid:

” I am so pissed with the girl, I brought my SLR with me of course I must also secure it so I placed the bag leaning on my chest and the lady before me is like.. ‘ Miss, your bag!!’ I can’t just say that it’s crowded in here, where do you expect me to put this? “

My other friend Aimmealso agreed with Tin because she overheard it and also said:

” Where is the girl wearing Blue shirt? She’s so stagy. She’s has so many complaint she shouldn’t take the train if she doesn’t like crowded and compressed people. If something happens with the child in my stomach I don’t know what to do.( About the child in her stomach it’was just a BIG JOKE)”

Upon arriving in Quiapo, we first went to Church and prayed. And begin our shoot. I love the people in Quiapo they are so giving and kind that they helped us throughout our shooting. It was a walking and thinking challenge for us while we were there. We wrapped up our shoot from Quiapo to head to our next destination.. Greenbelt Park. From Quiapo we went back to Carriedo station to ride a train again going to Gil Puyat. Thought the train will have coterie but I was wrong! It’s still like a can of sardines. WOw! No choice, we don’t want to spoil the adventure anyway. LOL  Gonna stand again for the next 6 stations with a not so California king train. Upon arriving at Gil Puyat, we now rode a bus going to Greenbelt. The transportation thing was so tiring. But I still manage to kick some energy booster. A lot of WALK. WALK. WALK. Everyone is now hungry and so we ate at Landmark cause we we’re giving eyeteeth  for “Sisig” from Sisig Hooray! . Which is really gooood! Aside from Sisig with rice I also ate some Congee. Oh yeah, I’m devouring it! Now that our energy is back on track, we’re ready to shoot the 1/4 of our scene in Greenbelt Park.  I chose to shoot the other half scene in Greenbelt park for the reason that  it’s Greener, Solemnly nice and away from the noise of the city. Simply Greenbelt! The weather was nice, the air blows through my face is so soft. Feels like I was back in Los Angeles. While we we’re practicing our spiels, we thought of someone we don’t know to say a few lines from our script. Perfect! An american guy is fast approaching near us and so we talk to him and explain what he should do, and showed him the script. We we’re all surprised when he said ” Sh*t! This one’s great! Who made this script? you all? ” and we we’re like ” Yes!” and he said ” Wow! I like this cause this is my problem when I was in college and primary education is really a problem, Sh*t”  So, he wrote his line in a piece of paper for him to memorize and said he’ll be back after 10 minutes he’ll just have some coffee and memorize the lines cause his an old man, he said. And while he was walking he asked if we have extra script and asked if we could spare him a copy. But sadly, 20 minutes later we did not see any shadow of him. And So, the show must go on. After our shoot in Greenbelt we stroll along GB1-5 and not for long we decided to went home already because all were tired and did a great job throughout the shoot. So, we rode a bus going to LRT station and I will not forget how long we got stuck in the loading station while in the bus. All of us are screaming for some water now, very much Dehydrated because of the humidity. After the bus we went to Gil Puyat station and  I guess I don’t have to elaborate more about on our way back from Gil Puyat to Monumento.  Cause it’s still the same like a CAN of Sardines. Home Sweet Home! My feet can finally have some rest. My feet really hurts and even my ankle. Poor me. Anyways, It was overall a wonderful experience and adventure. I only hope that LRTA will expand their train and make it more not just BIG but SUPER BIG plus more Air conditioning.   Ooppss! My longest entry I think? Without pictures. HeeeHee Xx,

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