Chelsea x Fifi

Today, I’m writing a new entry and making this blog my diary ,just for now.

Chelsea and Fifi are good friends. They usually hang out together and do the like. they are already Seniors in the University. The school administration posted a new curriculum that every seniors must have their Training in any department related in their field. Chelsea, dreads out lots of establishment for her and it was Fifi who would want to come with her.

Well, everyone wants to go with Chelsea, but of course not all the time they have to be together. The other friends of Chelsea aside from Fifi is Coraline( from prev entry), Tracy, and Veronica.

Chelsea was the one calling and go places to find an establishment. Fifi, never did anything… At one point of time Chelsea and Fifi went in a job interview. They dress like a professional. The two of them did well.

After 5 weeks, they need to have a call back from the establishment. Chelsea, was the one who always do the job now its time for Fifi to move. Fifi, is a lazy girl. She always ask for Chelsea to do it for her and that she doesn’t know what to do in her life.

Fifi, never did what Chelsea asked her to do. She doesn’t have any gratitude and all. All she do is to fling around, drink liquor and party. Just a teenage American.

Fifi is a close friend to Coraline.That fifi sometimes forget her buddy Veronica.
Now, Chelsea is very upset about it. She helped Fifi very much but Fifi can’t fill it.

Somehow, it made Chelsea think that Coraline is really a bad Influence to Fifi and Tracy. Not just because she loves to drink but her approach towards men, she’s an ambitious one. She thinks everyone likes her. She may have a pretty face, but doubt her influence is ugly.

Thank God, for Veronica who’s a strong one and no one can compromise her when it comes to her decisions. Chelsea is glad that Veronica is surreal, hard-working and responsible.

Chelsea has a funny friend named Georgina, who’s very quirky and smart. They often see each other but the two have positive vibes together.

“I know, each and every one of us have different outlook towards life. But a person specially a friend who doesn’t value her friends work is nothing” said Chelsea

The way Fifi texts.Chelsea felt so different seems like Fifi’s text message is without sincerity and love than before. Moment when Chelsea, felt enough to deal with Fifi.

” Fifi you changed! ” Shouted Chelsea.
Now, Chelsea and Fifi are hanging in the closet trying to figure out what to wear when they see the moon.

what is your opinion of a friend like that? Was she worth it?

Disclaimer: if any chance you know a person named Chelsea with the same situation it’s definitely not her, maybe? Got the name Chelsea from random movies I watched. 

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