Cycling Dash

Life is prejudice. Friends are deceptive. Ancien, I entice my cohort to have Spa Day. Crony affirms they will go, but averred that they cannot go any longer . I understand. Dupe day, a chum allures them to get slizzard. Guess what? They acquiesce agilely. They professed and divulge they are impecunious, but bargaining for, and being beer thirty will squeeze scads of bucks. So, I deduce that proletariat desires to go on the grog, boot and rally than relish.


Thanks for making me realize that 🙂


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2 Responses to Cycling Dash

  1. soullessvagrant says:

    did you write this? if you did, i’m impressed! if not, still impressive, for having an eye for things well written. you going a long way!

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