Simple yet Stylish Ways to look like a Jet-setter

Travel is purporting the big lifestyle tangled these days. The more you travel, the more you’ve arrived. The way you do it, or the way you beguile to, is what splits the experts from the posers. Learn to trot around your destination without brandish that you’re a first timer. Here’s some tips to donning the travel dashing look.

Abrade an Clever Wardrobe.

Parcel neutrals only. Cast black, gray or camel as a base color and create ensembles from there. The globetrotting Angelina Jolie has mastered this, and often wears gray or black, not to name low-heeled shoes or flats, when travelling. This mold you look smart and canny and not so  outrageous, disclosing your newness to the experience.

Here’s my tip: Think opulently simple when draping for your flight tapping knits and fabrics that won’t wrinkle and see who gets offered the business class seat on an empty plane. Yes, that’s you!

Tick the weather. Dress Copiously.

Inept clothing for the season screams inexperienced traveler. First, ditch the comfy resort wear from home (assume you’re flying to a colder climate). Leave your light frocks and flip flops at home. We know you’re from typical country but those pieces obviously have no place in temperatures below 30 degrees. Hotels always have travel slippers anyway. Next, always think, think, think your shoe selection. Extra shoes are just that, unnecessary, and add serious bulk to your load. Stick to sensible heel heights and closed shoes that are easy to remove. And when you get to your destination you might score an invite to a posh club opening or an unexpected beach club, it gives you an excuse to go shopping for a “souvenir” purchase, which will always make the trip more memorable.

Watch your Weight. Pack Light. Shop Heavy.

There’s nothing that screams amateur and more than having to unload personal belongings in front of the check-in counter. I’ve thrown away various guidebooks, French Vogues, toiletries and even a long gown, just because I blatantly ignored baggage limitation guidelines. Check the airline website because each has varying rules. Smaller carriers are especially stricter with limits. Everyone hopes to get away with it.. and you won’t. Pay the excess in euros or pack smart and have a weighing scale on hand.

Adorn your wrist. Wear a watch.

Time is of the essence. From your plane to your train schedules, be attuned to the time. Jetlagging sometimes keep you tired and confused, so double check your time zones the minute you make touchdown.Do not rely on your iPhone, which can run out of juice at the most inopportune moments. Mistakes of this nature can be costly, and especially sad when you’re travelling alone.

Ditch the branded suitcase. Go for low-key quality. 

Screaming logos on luggage make you look like a wanna-be. Keep the “it” bag on your arm and choose luggage that’s low key and well-designed. Function takes precedence over looks in this arena, when you risk your way laid luggage or damage en route. Go for the lightweight titanium hard case and one with those four spinning wheels. Hello RIMOWA!

Leave the Paper. Get your tech.

Instead of buying guidebooks which are guaranteed to get outdated, read up on websites instead which are more current and can provide invaluable traveler insights. Get your fill of targeted city guides like Monocle, then make mad notes and leave the publications- no matter how inspiring they may be- at home. Like iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. Downloading maps and info on the iPhone is a way to avoid burdensome folding maps.

Happy Travelling Everyone!


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