Christmas Season: Gift Picks

Since Christmas Day is my adored holiday season to celebrate (next to my birthday). It has been a tradition to make a wish list a month before Christmas time. And I can’t wait for Christmas, going to put up the Christmas Tree soon, buy new decorations and stuff. I know to some Christmas Eve or even Christmas Day is exceptional because of some wits like  their parents are working abroad, culture, not a tradition, or Thanksgiving is much important. But for me, while growing up, Mom and Dad always say that Christmas isn’t because of the present you receive, it’s the season to celebrate the day when our Christ was born.

But of course, let’s face it as young teenager we demand  so much material things to our parents, stuff that keeps the price tag and all. I am not hypocrite if I wouldn’t say  that I am not one of those but I’m definitely different( well 50% tho) from them.

Here are my picks for this year:

1. Charles & Keith Reversible Bag

Charles and Keith Shoulder Bag

Charles and Keith

What I like in this bag when I behold it on the actual store is, its spacious, lightweight, easy to carry and look sophisticated. Whatever your profession or just a student its a good choice of bag. The style and the element that was used is worth your penny. Plus, it’s reversible, so you can match and carry it whatever you would want to.

2. Forever 21 Platform Boots

studded platform boots

platform ankle boots (Forever 21)

I always love to amass shoes specially boots, I love it cause you can wear it in many off beat styles and season/weather. Just akin a UGG boots, love wearing it with a pullover hoodies and a sweatpants on a cloudy day.

What I agnate about this Forever 21 Boots is it’s a la mode and the spike studs gives a more dazzling look.

3. Sam Endelman Flats

Dusty Rose by Sam Endelman

I thank every shoemakers for making a serene  and feet saver flats. Sam Endelman shoes do have good shoes and soles, analogous to  this flats it’s comfortable and you can wear it in any occasions.

4. Clothes (Dresses/ Sweaters/ Hoodie)

high neck lace dress (Forever 21)

flowy contrast panel dress (Forever 21)

Dress are my second cherished item next to shoes, considering  whenever I put on a dress it makes me feel cozy and that  I can do  freely what I want(like split on the ground) and the feeling that you are fresh and not sweaty.

ampersand graphic sweater (Forever 21)

Sweaters are my next fave because it’s classy and effervescent to wear as if it’s always spring or winter.

MSFTS pullover hoodies (MSFTS Rep)

MSFTS Rep Hoodie, I’m a huge fan of JADEN SMITH can you blame me? Man.

5. To have my papers approved. and Fly!

6. Travel out of the Country- spend Christmas Day and New Years Eve abroad, watch fireworks display with a cold weather.

It’s always been commendable to spend the holiday in other country, in view of you do not only travel you also explore and meet new people in different places. As I have traveled alone before spending Christmas Eve and New Years Eve with my brother is also amusing and unforgettable as you live independently.

7. Iphone

Iphone 4s/ 5 (Apple)

For this year, I want an Iphone 5 or 4s. I cannot stand my Blackberry at all, I’ve been using a Blackberyy 9360 for almost a year the first one was broke ’cause of the trackpad and that I have to switch my phone to my Dad’s(with him sleeping, while I do the switching   ) with the same Blackberry model. And so I was using my dad’s phone already and now, the trackpad is my problem again. I can’t press “OK” but I can scroll vertical and horizontally my only way to press it is through “Enter” (FML)

And so, I have come to conclusion that I have to leave the world of Blackberry and shift to Apple as I have my iTouch since 2010  until now and it has no problem or whatever. I wish I can really have either one (5 or 4s).

8. Spa Day

Isn’t it nice to have a SPA Day before the year ends? I mean it’s like giving your body a massage and therapy after the 11 months of hard work. Everyone, if you love yourself, you must also love your health and body.

9. Dinner with Family & Friends

Perhaps, it’s another tradition to have dinner with your Family, friends and associates before the Christmas Break, rekindled, share stories, and laugh of what 2012 has been for each and everyone while watching the bonfire and exchanging gifts, and champagne! Cheers!

10. Pray and Share your Blessings

My Mom and Dad always say to be a blessing to others and that Giving is better than receiving, it’s not about the price tag or the $$$$ it’s the pure care and love that matters.

Feeding, Reading Stories, and being there with the kids is already a big gift for them. We don’t have to be a part of any organization to move, we can work and organize it through our close friends and start a fund raising for them to have a Merry Merry Christmas! Like the famous song “..Give love on Christmas gift, no greater gift is there than love…”

And Pray, give thanks to the wonderful year, we may face lots of down but we stand still and we will. Pray for all the blessings, family, friends, new friends, and PEACE.


And this is the end of my Gift picks for this year, but Always remember Christmas isn’t all about material things, it’s all because Jesus Christ was born and that He satisfy our deepest hunger-the quest for eternal fellowship. Material things are just a bonus from God, that everything comes to a reward for all the hard work and sweat you have.


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