Travel Light!

I always love to travel, for me as long as I travel, I am learning. And this past week, my professor are discussing some of the places we should travel, so I though why not make an entry of something in the bag! Here are some tips to help you pack for a trip!

  1. Security and Keeping Details Safe 
  • Scan your passport, passport photos, and paper ticket.
  • Store this (email) in your web email based account
  • You can also store the details of the your emergency ‘lost card’ telephone numbers in web based email account so you know who yo contrast if your credit card or ATM Card is lost or stolen.

2. Split Up your Valuables

  • Split Up your bank cards, cash traveler’s cheques and credit cards, cash, traveler’s cheques as much as possible in different pockets of your bags and wallet when packing.

3. Nalgene / Small Bottles

  • For toiletries and small items, these are several sturdy( and nearly) water proof ones, with clear/ see through ones being preferable (easier for security purposes)
  • You can also use small bottles to repack shampoo, lotions, so that you don’t have to always carry a big bottle with you.
  • This is especially useful if you normally take these items in your carry on luggage’s.

4. Backpack Tips

  • When you are packing things into a back pack, place a lighter items at the bottom and the heavier ones on the top.
  • Your bag will feel lighter this way as the pack rest on your lower back. It is also smart to place the things you use the most on the top.
  • Dirty clothes are perfect to back at the bottom of a back pack.

5. Pack IN Bags

  • It’s always hardy to have a few plastic bags around, certain items especially toiletries. 

6. Pack IN Plastic

  • Pack everything in clear plastic bags (preferably zip lock) divided into items e.g. underwear, t-shirts, shorts, etc. Before packing in your suitcase or back pack. One plastic bag for each type of clothing.
  • So, an overnight stay somewhere means taking one item out of a bag.


7. Clothes

  • Pack only what you know you will use and if you are travelling or more than three weeks, plan to wash on the road.
  • You can cut back on the number of clothes items by packing multi-purpose clothing. For example, items that can be worn during the day and as a sleepwear.

8. Split Up Clothes when Travelling with Others

  • When you are flying somewhere and especially if you have a few stop overs, divide the clothes.
  • Between different suitcases/backpaks/ bag
  • If one person’s luggage doesn’t arrive at the destinations, they still have clothes available. Airlines generally don’t

I hope this helps! Bon Voyage!


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One Response to Travel Light!

  1. Another way to pack less clothes is to make sure that all the items mix and match for multiple outfits.

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