Don’t Judge the Book by Its Cover: Nancy Binay (Epilogue)

Yesterday (May 13,2013) Manila, was  The 2013 Philippine general election . It was a midterm election  – the officials elected will be sworn on June 30 2013, midway though President Benigno Aquino III’s term of office. Being elected are 12 senators (half of the Senate), and all 229 district members of the House of Representatives. These national elections were held on the same day as local and gubernatorial elections as well as a general election in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

I am 18 and I wasn’t able to vote and perform my civic duty. I essentially deplete my time using social medias like Twitter (@moniquedy) and Facebook. But what interest me the most is Comelec’s Unofficial and Official Tally of Votes. It was really interesting onto who will be on the Top 12 for the Senatorial Spots.  As Mr. Richard “Dick” Gordon and Ms. Nancy Binay are Trending!

The “#ipasoksidick” hashtag trended when the first set of partial unofficial results shows Richard “Dick” Gordon on the 13th spot. The “#BlackMagic” hashtag also trended when Nancy Binay made it to the Top 5. Nancy Binay was the talk of the town…

Who is Nancy Binay?

Nancy Binay   (image from

Nancy Binay (image from

Her baptismal name is Maria Lourdes Sombilao Binay, popularly called Nancy, age 39, daughter of Vice President Binay and former Makati Mayor and medical doctor Elenita Sumbilao Binay, and sister of Makati Mayor Jun Binay and Rep. Abigail Binay. (The youngest girl not yet eyeing an elective position is Annie.)

Nancy attended St. Scholastica’s College for her elementary and secondary schooling. The tall and dusky girl went to the  University  of the Philippines in

Diliman for a bachelor’s degree in tourism, then went to work for her mother, quitting when she married construction and real estate business person, Pito Angeles, a De la Sallian who finished the business management course at Pace University in New York City.

This early, the tall, dusky and soft-spoken Nancy realizes she needs to be a more persuasive public speaker. But she’s willing to learn. Plus,she carries the Binay magic word.

In between performing her roles as wife and mother and her official functions, Nancy is involved in programs for children. At present she serves as a member of the board of trustees of Brighthalls Children’s Foundation, which provides temporary refuge for abandoned infants and children, and whose main goal is to provide underprivileged youths acccess to quality college education in public and learning institutions; Bigay Pagmamahal Foundation (of which she is also executive director); Serbisyong Tunay Foundation, Inc., which provides Makati residents with free personal accident insurance, medical treatment and burial assistance, and JCB Foundation, which seeks to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged sectors through community development and livelihood programs. Currently, JCBF has a livelihood program in partnership with NGOs like Kababaihan Gabay ng Bayan for urban poor women and a mothers’ network.

Now, I don’t get why Nancy Binay has a lot of “bashers” and black propaganda movement against her. Is it because of her skin color? Or because of her personal experience that she’s a Personal Assistant to her parents (Makati Mayor Elenita Binay & VP Jejomar Binay; also UNA Deputy Secretary General) or that she doesn’t have Legislative background like her other relatives in the government?

She’s being compared to her co-senatorial candidate Risa Hontiveros.

Filipino’s are really artistic and making Nancy Binay even more famous by creating a meme’s.

What is a Meme? A Meme is  a concept for discussion of evolutionary principles in explaining the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena.

Here’s an example:

Even Vice Ganda, known as one of the country’s most popular personalities with his blockbuster films and over 2.7 million Twitter followers, also animadverted on Ms. Nancy Binay’s work as Personal Assistant to  her parents.

But despite being angry to Vice, Nancy Binay just obeisance the comedians opinion.

But later congratulated Ms. Nancy Binay for  being one of the front runners in the senatorial race. And even cracked a joke to Binay saying, “Ms. Nancy, pakain ka naman!” Furthermore, “Ang eleksyon papatapos na, kaya ‘yung nangyari dati ay tapusin natin,” he said, referring to his earlier criticism of Binay.

She’s actually one of the most talked about Senatorial Candidate this year, with all the people discriminating her physical appearance and that saying that she can’t even win on a debate. I think all hurtful words was said against her. Politics in the Philippines was never easy, this is a free country and that people have the right to say what they want.

But let us all  bear in mind that Ms. Nancy Binay with over 11 million of voters all around the country, Filipinos are not lame to vote someone who they think did not have the sufficiency and idiosyncrasy to be seated in the senate. I don’t believe she can vote buy almost 11 million of people, and surname shouldn’t be a basis, nevertheless a glitch on election votes maybe? Who know’s !

But No one should judge her right away. Just like the English idiom ,”Don’t just the book by its cover” means you shouldn’t prejudge the worth or value of something, by its outward appearance alone. Same goes to Binay, Let us not judge Nancy Binay because of her personal and  physical features, she was born that way, a creature created by God and that no one should arbiter that. Lets keep our mouth shut and see what she can do. Let her act first, before You, We Judge!

 We’ll never know with her on the senate maybe she can do something to help the Philippines be a better country. Remember her Dad, Vice President Jejomar C. Binay, former Mayor of Makati City was the 4th Best World Mayor in 2006, and made Makati City recognized as “Highly Urbanized City”.

The Discipline he spread throughout Makati made all the people from Makati even proud of him. The road is smooth, no garbage or candy wrappers on the sidewalks, notable for its exceptionally multicultural lifestyle, as a significant center for intercontinental matters and for its reputation as a major entertainment center in the metropolis. And of course, The Financial Capital of the Philippines, and the Wall Street of the Philippines.

To Criticize fellow Filipino just shows that Filipinos does not have Unity. i think everyone must know how to Discipline ourselves and  Respect for everyone.

Disclaimer: I am not pro of Ms.  Nancy Binay nor anyone, this is my blog and I will write what I want as this is a free country and that as a youth we do have the power to exercise and express our words. 


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