Don’t Judge the Book by Its Cover: Nancy Binay (Epilogue)

Yesterday (May 13,2013) Manila, was  The 2013 Philippine general election . It was a midterm election  – the officials elected will be sworn on June 30 2013, midway though President Benigno Aquino III’s term of office. Being elected are 12 senators (half of the Senate), and all 229 district members of the House of Representatives. These national elections were held on the same day as local and gubernatorial elections as well as a general election in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

I am 18 and I wasn’t able to vote and perform my civic duty. I essentially deplete my time using social medias like Twitter (@moniquedy) and Facebook. But what interest me the most is Comelec’s Unofficial and Official Tally of Votes. It was really interesting onto who will be on the Top 12 for the Senatorial Spots.  As Mr. Richard “Dick” Gordon and Ms. Nancy Binay are Trending!

The “#ipasoksidick” hashtag trended when the first set of partial unofficial results shows Richard “Dick” Gordon on the 13th spot. The “#BlackMagic” hashtag also trended when Nancy Binay made it to the Top 5. Nancy Binay was the talk of the town…

Who is Nancy Binay?

Nancy Binay   (image from

Nancy Binay (image from

Her baptismal name is Maria Lourdes Sombilao Binay, popularly called Nancy, age 39, daughter of Vice President Binay and former Makati Mayor and medical doctor Elenita Sumbilao Binay, and sister of Makati Mayor Jun Binay and Rep. Abigail Binay. (The youngest girl not yet eyeing an elective position is Annie.)

Nancy attended St. Scholastica’s College for her elementary and secondary schooling. The tall and dusky girl went to the  University  of the Philippines in

Diliman for a bachelor’s degree in tourism, then went to work for her mother, quitting when she married construction and real estate business person, Pito Angeles, a De la Sallian who finished the business management course at Pace University in New York City.

This early, the tall, dusky and soft-spoken Nancy realizes she needs to be a more persuasive public speaker. But she’s willing to learn. Plus,she carries the Binay magic word.

In between performing her roles as wife and mother and her official functions, Nancy is involved in programs for children. At present she serves as a member of the board of trustees of Brighthalls Children’s Foundation, which provides temporary refuge for abandoned infants and children, and whose main goal is to provide underprivileged youths acccess to quality college education in public and learning institutions; Bigay Pagmamahal Foundation (of which she is also executive director); Serbisyong Tunay Foundation, Inc., which provides Makati residents with free personal accident insurance, medical treatment and burial assistance, and JCB Foundation, which seeks to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged sectors through community development and livelihood programs. Currently, JCBF has a livelihood program in partnership with NGOs like Kababaihan Gabay ng Bayan for urban poor women and a mothers’ network.

Now, I don’t get why Nancy Binay has a lot of “bashers” and black propaganda movement against her. Is it because of her skin color? Or because of her personal experience that she’s a Personal Assistant to her parents (Makati Mayor Elenita Binay & VP Jejomar Binay; also UNA Deputy Secretary General) or that she doesn’t have Legislative background like her other relatives in the government?

She’s being compared to her co-senatorial candidate Risa Hontiveros.

Filipino’s are really artistic and making Nancy Binay even more famous by creating a meme’s.

What is a Meme? A Meme is  a concept for discussion of evolutionary principles in explaining the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena.

Here’s an example:

Even Vice Ganda, known as one of the country’s most popular personalities with his blockbuster films and over 2.7 million Twitter followers, also animadverted on Ms. Nancy Binay’s work as Personal Assistant to  her parents.

But despite being angry to Vice, Nancy Binay just obeisance the comedians opinion.

But later congratulated Ms. Nancy Binay for  being one of the front runners in the senatorial race. And even cracked a joke to Binay saying, “Ms. Nancy, pakain ka naman!” Furthermore, “Ang eleksyon papatapos na, kaya ‘yung nangyari dati ay tapusin natin,” he said, referring to his earlier criticism of Binay.

She’s actually one of the most talked about Senatorial Candidate this year, with all the people discriminating her physical appearance and that saying that she can’t even win on a debate. I think all hurtful words was said against her. Politics in the Philippines was never easy, this is a free country and that people have the right to say what they want.

But let us all  bear in mind that Ms. Nancy Binay with over 11 million of voters all around the country, Filipinos are not lame to vote someone who they think did not have the sufficiency and idiosyncrasy to be seated in the senate. I don’t believe she can vote buy almost 11 million of people, and surname shouldn’t be a basis, nevertheless a glitch on election votes maybe? Who know’s !

But No one should judge her right away. Just like the English idiom ,”Don’t just the book by its cover” means you shouldn’t prejudge the worth or value of something, by its outward appearance alone. Same goes to Binay, Let us not judge Nancy Binay because of her personal and  physical features, she was born that way, a creature created by God and that no one should arbiter that. Lets keep our mouth shut and see what she can do. Let her act first, before You, We Judge!

 We’ll never know with her on the senate maybe she can do something to help the Philippines be a better country. Remember her Dad, Vice President Jejomar C. Binay, former Mayor of Makati City was the 4th Best World Mayor in 2006, and made Makati City recognized as “Highly Urbanized City”.

The Discipline he spread throughout Makati made all the people from Makati even proud of him. The road is smooth, no garbage or candy wrappers on the sidewalks, notable for its exceptionally multicultural lifestyle, as a significant center for intercontinental matters and for its reputation as a major entertainment center in the metropolis. And of course, The Financial Capital of the Philippines, and the Wall Street of the Philippines.

To Criticize fellow Filipino just shows that Filipinos does not have Unity. i think everyone must know how to Discipline ourselves and  Respect for everyone.

Disclaimer: I am not pro of Ms.  Nancy Binay nor anyone, this is my blog and I will write what I want as this is a free country and that as a youth we do have the power to exercise and express our words. 


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Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world. It has lots of amenities and accommodations  such as their two story loft suites with balcony overlooking the beautiful sea. A day in a cruise ship is like a day in a beautiful city.

If you’re an athletic person you can enjoy their  mini golf, volleyball and basketball courts,  and five swimming pools.

If you love night life they have a casino, nightclubs, bars,karaoke club.

But if you like to indulge yourself in leisure or entertainment you may go to their shopping malls, lots of restaurants, spas and fitness center, shows, and Royal Promenade.

(Shopping Malls)


(Spas and Fitness Center)

(the Royal promenade)

 Amazing Shows showsAnd make sure that when you visit the Oasis of the sea, it’s a MUST that you try the Flowrider.

They are lots of attractions or activities in Oasis of the Sea. See for your self

Hope you have fun touring with me! And hopefully I can go to Oasis of the Sea, someday

For more information or reservation you may log on to

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Summer Lovin’: The Perils of Summer Heat

Taken in Maldives

Taken in Maldives

During the hot summer season, beach lovers, and most people in general are always stuck in dilemma. While sunny days are associated with a certain sense of mental uplifting and provide people the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, many are also well-aware of the particularly nasty things excessive sun exposure can do to their skin


Anyone is susceptible to sunburn. The incidence of people developing sin cancers continues to increase at present. The risk of developing malignant melanoma, is one of the deadliest types of skin cancer, that doubles every 10 years.

Protecting skin from the sun’s rays could prevent the development of up to 80% of known skin cancers. While most types of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from the sun and other UVR sources are reflected off the water, light-colored surfaces, concrete, sand, snow, certain types (shorter wavelengths) of UVR can penetrate through water.


Use sunscreen products all year round. Up to 80% of the suns harmful UV rays reach the earth even on the most overcast days. Choose a good sunscreen product with a Sun Protection (SPF) of at least 15.

Look for sunscreen products that contain metal oxides such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which are non-allergic yet offer the best protection against UVR.

Know the difference between water-resistant and waterproof sunscreen products

water resistant sunscreen stays on skin for up to 40 minutes of water exposure

waterproof sunscreen can last twice as long(80 minutes)

Use sunscreen liberally. Some studies have shown that the average person uses only half of the amount of sunscreen that is recommended to use ( to achieve the indicated SPF rating) by the manufacturer. The average adult requires about an ounce (28 grams) of sunscreen for adequate body coverage, while children use about half amount.

Apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before going outdoors for maximum sun protection.

Wear hats with sun proof top and brim liners for additional protection. Hat brims should be at least 4 inches or more, and every inch of additional risk of developing skin cancer by 10%.

Choose protective eyewear with UV-blocking filters as the eyes are the second most common sites where UVR-included cancers develop.

Minimize sun exposure between 10AM to 4PM when the sun’s rays are the strongest. If one’s shadow is longer than one’s height, then it’s okay to be outside.

See you at the Beach!



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Travel Light!

I always love to travel, for me as long as I travel, I am learning. And this past week, my professor are discussing some of the places we should travel, so I though why not make an entry of something in the bag! Here are some tips to help you pack for a trip!

  1. Security and Keeping Details Safe 
  • Scan your passport, passport photos, and paper ticket.
  • Store this (email) in your web email based account
  • You can also store the details of the your emergency ‘lost card’ telephone numbers in web based email account so you know who yo contrast if your credit card or ATM Card is lost or stolen.

2. Split Up your Valuables

  • Split Up your bank cards, cash traveler’s cheques and credit cards, cash, traveler’s cheques as much as possible in different pockets of your bags and wallet when packing.

3. Nalgene / Small Bottles

  • For toiletries and small items, these are several sturdy( and nearly) water proof ones, with clear/ see through ones being preferable (easier for security purposes)
  • You can also use small bottles to repack shampoo, lotions, so that you don’t have to always carry a big bottle with you.
  • This is especially useful if you normally take these items in your carry on luggage’s.

4. Backpack Tips

  • When you are packing things into a back pack, place a lighter items at the bottom and the heavier ones on the top.
  • Your bag will feel lighter this way as the pack rest on your lower back. It is also smart to place the things you use the most on the top.
  • Dirty clothes are perfect to back at the bottom of a back pack.

5. Pack IN Bags

  • It’s always hardy to have a few plastic bags around, certain items especially toiletries. 

6. Pack IN Plastic

  • Pack everything in clear plastic bags (preferably zip lock) divided into items e.g. underwear, t-shirts, shorts, etc. Before packing in your suitcase or back pack. One plastic bag for each type of clothing.
  • So, an overnight stay somewhere means taking one item out of a bag.


7. Clothes

  • Pack only what you know you will use and if you are travelling or more than three weeks, plan to wash on the road.
  • You can cut back on the number of clothes items by packing multi-purpose clothing. For example, items that can be worn during the day and as a sleepwear.

8. Split Up Clothes when Travelling with Others

  • When you are flying somewhere and especially if you have a few stop overs, divide the clothes.
  • Between different suitcases/backpaks/ bag
  • If one person’s luggage doesn’t arrive at the destinations, they still have clothes available. Airlines generally don’t

I hope this helps! Bon Voyage!


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Skill Olympics X Bewitch

Let me share with you a chunk of how grateful and blessed I am since this year 2013 begins.


JAN 16:Went to school to have our thesis checked for the forthcoming title defense. The thing is, If our thesis is not that complete and well we wouldn’t  have the chance to defense this Friday(Jan 18). Was so glad that there are no errors anymore on my chapter 2 and just some revisions for my two other group mates chapters 1 & 2.

*****And received a good news that I am the chosen one to represent the university for the category of Tour Package Proposal that will be held on Baguio City for the 2nd National League of Tourism Students’ Skill Olympics.


It was our title defense for our thesis. It was really hard as we are just on the top 3 spot from what our professor likes, the 2 other more which he thinks are better. The Worst is if the 5 panelist doesn’t like our thesis we have to go back from scratch, but the Best thing is, if they like our thesis we will have the opportunity to proceed to chapter 4 and 5.

Jan 18 is the first day for the students of Travel Management and HRM’s to  defend their thesis scheduled from 7:30am -12pm .We got the 3PM schedule. We’re just 3 in the Group and all of them are my best friends so it wasn’t hard working with them. And the clock ticks at 3pm. Got on stage by 4:00 because of the other jam or lags  from the other group. We divided the 3 chapters onto where and who made it.

I didn’t feel jittery on my vain, I was confident that the panel will like our idea. And I was so proud as the leader that I was the one who come up that idea and at the same time happy because my two group mates like and contribute as well. Our topic was all about Beach Mapping, Re discovering the undiscovered(infamous) beaches in Batangas City.

I was so happy that the panelist love our thesis!

JAN 22: Batangas Getaway for THESIS

Thesis making has never been this convivial , going to beaches while relaxing and having vacation with my friends and groupies. Went to 5 alluring, exquisite beaches in Batangas and one really undiscovered one, so many historical and wonderful information we got. And We we’re so happy that we are all the beaches we went, famous or infamous, accommodated us to do interviews and photos.

DSC_0064 DSC_0073 DSC_0075 DSC_0399

Late of January I started practicing with my coach Ms. Jane and my Technical partner Kristine 🙂



It was the day that we will leave the main land for the competition, at the same time it was my last practice with my coach Ms. Jane. I am so glad that she was very supportive to let us practice in front of her class and even to other class and year in the college, for us to fight our stage fright and boost the aplomb.

I disclose to my self that when I got on stage the day of the competition I will not be nervous. and ALWAYS remember what my Coach told me ” Monique, There is no room for Mental Block, I don’t want you to waste your time and effort, you must RELAX and be yourself” said Ms. Jane.

I practiced most of the time at the Faculty room and present on the faculty members, and I would say the first time I presented at the classroom with unfamiliar people I was really shaking and the lags of my words are worst.

Late night, we arrived at City of Pines, Baguio City. It was very cold perfect to have my last practice to feel the breeze with my partner Kristine as our Coach was not able to go with us.

Feb 9: D-Day/ Competition Day!

Hello Baguio City! Everyone was up early and some didn’t even sleep. Arrived at University of Baguio, did some parade and by 10 am we proceed to the Audi-visual room for the Tour Package Proposal. It’s a simultaneous event.

I didn’t feel neurotic again (lol) but I do feel a bit nervous for the technical errors. We had the Macbook but the bad thing is there is no connector at the venue, good thing we secured a copy in the flash drive. When the technical personnel tried my usb but  got virus from the previous usb who also had their system check also. Luckily, I saved the files on mac.

I pick number 3, as I wish. There are 10 schools who will present, that means I have to surpass 9 other teams. After I presented, I wasn’t able to watch the other teams, so I don’t have any idea at all on how good they presented to the 3 judges.

It was awarding time at the gym by 4 or 5 pm. The last category to award was the Tour Package Proposal. And I was so happy that I got the 2nd Place and won a Bronze Medal. Not bad for a first timer like me.

With my Partner Kristine

With my Partner Kristine

 So Far, What’s happening to my life now are enough to be Thankful and I am Blessed!


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Kaohsiung’s island getaway Cijin is an idyllic retreat rich in History, scenery, and seafood.

CIJIN MAY BE TINY just 8.5 kilometers long and an average of 400 meters wide-but it pitch visitors a wide range of attractions and amusements, from history to nature to delectable fresh seafood, as well as a quick getaway from city life The area is a barrier island that protects the port of Kaohsiung. Over the years sand built up, turning Cijin from an island into a peninsula linked to the city. Then, in the late 1960s, Cijin became an island again as the local government cut through the link to create another entrance to the expanding Kaohsiung harbour.

Photo by

Xu Feiqing, a local cultural tour guide, says that before there was Kaohsiung, there was Cijin. “Half of the Kaohsiung people in ancient times were Cijin natives,” he says. “Cijin may be small place but it was the first developed area in Kaohsiung. It used to be very prosperous.

Cijin’s history began as a typhoon shelter used by Fujian fisherman who sought refuge from the region’s unpredictable storms. Not only did they find shelter, they found an abundance fish, so much so that they built a fishing village, bringing with them their families and the statue of Mazu, the Goddess of Sea( or Tianhou in Chinese). In 1673, 12 years into the reign of the Kangxi Emperor, the first Tianhou Temple in Kaohsiung was built on Cijin to bless fishermen before they took to the sea. Today, the temple on Miaocian Road, and the area surrounding it, is the liveliest part of the island.

For centuries, Cijin had a thriving fishing industry but in recent years the sector has seen many changes. “The landscape of the fishing industry here has been altered by the expansion of the harbour and shrinking of the coastline, “says Xie Rongxiang, of Heritage group Haishan Group Studio.

Tourism, however is a thriving trade in Cijin thanks to its seaside setting and proximity to Kaohsiung, which is linked to the island via a cross-harbour tunnel. Most visitors arrive in Cijin on tour buses through the tunnel but a picturesque alternative is the ferry from Xizi Bay. The NT$15(about HK$4) ride offers spectacular views of the harbour and Kaohsiung’s modern skyline.

Photo by: Candersonclick’s photo via Getty image

Most of Cijin’s attractions can be reached on foot,or you can hop on a tricycle to travel in nostalgic style. Just 15 minutes from the Tianhou Temple, Seaside Park play at making sand castles and surfers catch waves just off shore. Stroll southwards on the Seaside walk for a tropical experience marked by coconut palms and trees planted as windbreak surrounding the park. Nearby Windmill Park hosts an ecological wind farm, public art and recreational space.

Cijin celebrates its sea-going heritage in several maritime museums. The seashell Museum houses rare and extraordinary shells from around the world. On the other side of the island   you can visit YM Museum of Marine Exploration Kaohsiung whose permanent exhibit, Cross Century Classic Ships, is well worth seeing.

Photo by: Candersonclick’s photo via Getty image

Photo by: Candersonclick’s photo via Getty image

Photo by: Candersonclick’s photo via Getty image

Photo by: Candersonclick’s photo via Getty image

Photo by: Candersonclick’s photo via Getty image

Photo by: Candersonclick’s photo via Getty image

A trip to Cijin is not complete without a visit to Cihou Mountain. The Cijin Tunnel of Stars that cuts through the mountain  near Seaside Park is a magnificent replica of a starry night. The “stars”, set against the tunnel’s dark ceiling, are illuminated by fluorescent light.

Cihou Fort was built in 1875, the first year of Emperor Guangxu’s reign during the Qing Dynasty, to guard Kaohsiung against foreign invaders. The fort is believed to be the first of its kind built with an East-meets-West style and is therefore listed as a historic monument by the city government. Kaohsiung Lighthouse, on the other side of the mountain, dates back to 1883. The octagonal brick tower is a rare architectural feature in Taiwan.

Cijin also has a lot to offer to gourmets. Miaocian Road,also known as Seafood Street, is teeming with seafood eateries. For many Kaohsiung natives, Cijin is he place for inexpensive, fresh local seafood. Assorted friend seafood, grilled skewered squid and whelks are among the most popular dishes. Miaocian Road also offers a wide variety of snacks, or xiaochi, as the locals call them.

Try the crispy meat soup, which features pieces of friend mat soaked in silky cabbage soup. Fruit platters make for a great dessert. The tomato platter, a refreshing dish contrasting multiple layers of flavours, is served with a thick topping made with sweet soy souce, powdered ginger, sugar and liquorice.

If you fancy bringing home some treats from Cijin, San Ho Cookie Shop is ideal. The family-held bakery has been run by five generations since it was established more than a century ago. Delicacies such as pineapple cake, white cake, auspicious cake and the traditional big cake are favourites among tourist. The dried black fish roe is a savoury winter delight and is widely available in Cijin’s Zhongzhou district.

Touris, is one of the most important sectors for Cijin though heritage buff Xie is concerned about the serious coastal erosion in Cijin, which will undermine the perennially thronged with tourist and suggests that the tourism authority promotes other parts of the island.

The trend is perhaps understandable, given the strong appeal of the seaside location and its abundance of appealing attractions.


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Awhile ago, I was watching National Geographic featuring Dragonair, voted as the “World’s Best Regional Airline” by Skytrax for the second consecutive year. I was really amaze on how this airline evolved, their story are just magnificent. By virtue of  my interest onto finding more about this airline, I made some research … As for now, here I am blogging about the great pride with Dragonair.

Dragonair was formed in May 1985. Two months later it took to the sky for the first time with Boeing 737-200A bound for Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. At its launch, the airline had only a single aircraft, but over the next few years, backed by the vision of Hong Kong entrepreneur K.P. Chao, it was to carve out a niche for itself and set the foundation for the carrier we know today.

Dragonair’s early years were tough, as the airline fought hard to establish itself and to build up its fleet. It then began flights to the Chinese port city of Xiamen and, a year later, services were launched to Thailand’s premier resort island, Phuket. Soon its route network began to grow, fanning out across Mainland China as six destinations were added.

From the start, the airline recognized the need to encourage local talent for the future of Hong Kong’s aviation industry. In 1987, it introduced the territory’s first commercial Cadet Pilot Scheme to provide candidates selected in Hong Kong with extensive training to become world-class standard pilots.

In 1990, Cathay Pacific Airways, its parent Swire Pacific and CITIC Pacific took stakes in Dragonir. This enabled the launch of scheduled passenger services to Beijing and Shanghai at a time when the Mainland China market was just beginning to grow. And as the economy expanded, Dragonair grew with it.

The Rapid Expansion and commitment to purchasing the best and newest aircraft available, the airline replaced its fleet with state-of -the-art Airbus single-aisle and wide-bodied jets in 1991.

Growth continued with China National Aviation Corporation (Group)Limited (CNAC Group) becoming the biggest shareholder in Dragonair in 1996. CITIC Pacific retained its stake, while Swire/Cathay Pacific and the Chao Family also remained shareholders.

In addition, stakes were raised or taken in several aviation-related services. Dragonair currently holds interest in LSG Lufthansa Service Skychefs, Dah Chong Hong-Dragonair Airport GSE Service Ltd. , and HAS GSE Solutions Ltd., making the airline a truly diversified aviation group.

By the end f the 1990s, Dragonair had clearly become an international airline group. Dragonair House opened in 2000, a HK$900 million headquarters located within the infrastructure of Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok. The award winning building is the home base for more than 2,400 airline staff , a range of excellent facilities and a state-of-the are Flight Training Centre.

Far from a New Era, In september 2006, Dragonair became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific Airways. The integration has brought significant benefits to the travelling public by linking Dragonair’s Mainland China services with Cathay pacific’s expensive international network, and also boosts Hong Kong’s position as a leading international aviation hub.

Dragonair continues to operate as a separate airline under its own Air operator’s certificate. The Dragonair brand name remains unchanged and the airline’s own cockpit and cabin crew fly its own aircraft in the existing livery.

Today, as a member of the Cathay Pacific Group , Dragonair offers travelers seamless connections to more than 100 destinations worldwide. And by code sharing with Cathay Pacific in a number of key regional destinations and reducing the connecting time between the two airlines’ flights, provide even greater choice and flexibility.

Dragonair is considered a renowned China Expert. Dragonair has one of the world’s youngest and most modern fleets, serving 33 passenger destinations in Asia. Its routes cover an area that is home to half of the world’s population and includes some of the most interesting, exotic, and culturally varied countries.

Dragonair is renowned as the China expert, serving 17 cities in Mainland China. In 2011, for the second year running, it was voted as “World’s Best Regional Airline”by Skytrax. In 2010 it won “Best Regional Airline” by TTG Asia and named a “200 Asian Excellence Brand” by Yozhou Zhoukan. In 2008, it was voted “Best Regional Airlie: SE Asia” by Skytrax, and the “Bet Asian Airline’ at the annual Hurun Report Bet of the Best Awards. From 2002 to 2007. It was named “Best Airline-China” for six consecutive years by Skytrax and the “Best Airline(China)” in the Travel Weeky China 2007 Industry Awards.

Dragonair is unique in linking all major cities in Mainland China and Taiwan with Hong Kong.

Last 2010, Dragonair celebrated their 25 anniversary, and the airline looks back on its achievements with pride. Building on its considerable success since 1985. Dragonair’s mission continues: to provide the best pleasurable travel experience for all its customers.

I hope to fly someday with Dragonair…


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